To qualify for treatment please fill out the application. 

Please be sure to provide all the information requested here. An incomplete application will delay our ability to provide you with assistance. Please contact us at (305) 740-7292 if you have questions or would like help completing the application.


  • Step 1: Fill out the LFSF Application completely and accurately. You can download the application in English or Spanish and bring it with you to your consultation.
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  • Step 2: Submit a copy of your most recent tax return

  • Step 3: Submit medical prescription for Physical Therapy/Lymphedema Therapy 

  • Step 4: Read and check the boxes to verify the following information

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Manual Lymph Drainage

MLD is a manual technique in which we reroute, with our hands, the lymph fluid from the affected side to the unaffected side. 

Complete Decongestive Therapy

CLT it's purpose is to maintain the decongested effect achieved during the MLD session using short stretch bandages and/or compression garments. 

Medical Compression

After MLD - CDT treatments are completed, patient is fitted with compression garments to maintain long term results. 



According to the patients condition, a therapeutic exercise program is formulated to their specific needs. 

Godoy Therapy

A new approach for lymphedema treatments using manual lymphatic drainage and combined with RA Godoy's mechanical device. 

Bemer Therapy

A Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) device used for overall well-being, improves cardiac function, and physical fitness. Increases the supply of oxygen, nutrients to our tissues, and disposes metabolic waste.